More About IDK Eatz

Executive Chef Jai Luthra

"Anyone can cook. However, when one cooks from the heart, the food and the process becomes different. When one actually puts their soul in the bowl, the taste becomes transformed. Cooking is actually a stress buster for me. I am inspired by music while I am cooking. I have a personal relationship with the food and I know I am making something really special for someone special to enjoy. The enjoyment is intensified when your patrons know your food was by made with love for them" 

"But why do I cook? I love to go to market to get the freshest ingredients for an exciting new menu. You become a captain of your own ship sailing on your cooking sea, going as far as you can with different cuisines, different meals, different tastes. Sometimes you feel as if your stomach is full, but your eyes & mind keep insisting to have one last bite. With the yearning, starving for the one last spoonful, you get the true meaning of satisfaction of tasty delicious food. When you love the food, you will taste it again and again."

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Chef Jai landed in the Bay Area in 2014 with the dream to start IDK. He immediately felt at home in Livermore, CA where wine and farm fresh ingredients are paramount. Chef Jai worked in some of the most popular Bay Area restaurants before finally launching IDK in the autumn of 2017. In the few hours when Chef Jai is not cooking, he enjoys tending to his herb & vegetable garden and spending time with his family.